Harry’s Stance on the Issues


Harry’s View of the Chairman’s Role

“I’ve learned a lot from Buzz about the role of the Chairman.   We all bring our own ideas and agendas to the job.  But the Chairman’s first priority is consensus-building, not just among the five-member BOC but across the entire county.  That means listening to all sides and respecting the rights of everyone involved in an issue, including past political foes.  It means sometimes putting my own preferences aside in favor of win-win solutions that help unite the county rather than divide it.  Of course, it’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time.  But I promise I’ll always listen and carefully consider all reasonable points of view”.

Growth & Development

Cherokee County is an exceptionally desirable place to live, and that allows us the luxury of being selective.  We can demand very high quality that maintains that desirability and still attracts all the growth we can handle.  I remain committed to a responsible growth plan that keeps quality high and holds our growth rate to a level that gives the roads and schools a fighting chance to keep up.  I also understand that landowners have rights.  Those important rights have to be balanced in the equation with the overall best interests of the county.  The right balance isn’t easy to achieve, but it’s vitally important.  

I have no large land holdings and no involvement real estate or development.  Even as a moderate on this issue, I’m far more conservative on growth and development than the other likely candidates in this race.

Fiscal Responsibility

My financial leadership over 14 years has been a key factor in holding Cherokee’s county tax burden to one of the very lowest in Georgia.  I intend to keep it that way.  Growing as we are, there are near-endless demands for new and expanded county services.  Department leaders want to meet the needs, and I’m glad they do.  The role of the BOC and especially the Chairman is to determine which of those needs absolutely must be met and can be met within conservative fiscal constraints.  And it requires sometimes-painful choices to leave some needs unmet, postponed, or addressed by other resources.

Personal Integrity

I pay my bills.  I pay my taxes.  I’m a faithful husband of 42 years.  I’m a Baptist deacon and lifelong Sunday School, teacher.  I tell the truth, often too bluntly for a successful politician.  I might make an honest mistake, but I’ll never lie to you.