Why I’m Running for Board of Commissioners Chair in 2018

I’m running for Chairman of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners in the May 22nd, 2018 Republican primary.  Current Chairman Buzz Ahrens doesn’t plan to seek re-election and is among those asking me to run.  

I’m running because Cherokee County needs someone Responsible, Reasonable, and Ready to succeed Buzz.  I truly believe I’m the best person available for the job.  I’ve been a voice of reason in my 14 years as District 1 Commissioner and four years before that on the County’s Planning Commission….   

 A consistent leader for responsible management of our growth & development.  I’m a long-time CPA and accounting manager.  As the unofficial financial leader on the BOC, I was the principal architect of a conservative fiscal strategy that has kept our tax burden in the lowest 10 of Georgia’s 159 counties while providing excellent public safety and other services.   No one could be more ready for the job.


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